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Changing Dreams Inc., CDI Gadgets, is an enterprise based in Nairobi, Kenya, with a vision to engage and inspire youth on the African continent to collaborate and build a professional smartphone video and film making culture, a culture that shares African stories with the world. We believe in everyone’s right to be heard and seen because freedom of expression is paramount in a just society. Technology is shaping how we express ourselves in the modern world, and therefore we have taken it as our duty to create an enabling environment for people from all lifestyles and occupations to create content that can be shared to move the world.

We intend to help every content creator develop their very own authentic African stories and share them with the world. Therefore, we are committed to enabling creators to produce professional mobile video content. This commitment informs the design of our products from our shop to our workshops. We aim to inform, educate, inspire, and equip smartphone content creators. Whether one is a filmmaker, vlogger, podcaster, journalist, or just capturing those personal memories, CDI Gadgets will be a part of that journey.


Buy Tripods, Mobile video making kits, audio accessories, lighting equipment, storage devices, and more on CDI Gadgets
Looking for the best online mobile film making accessories shop in Kenya? You have found one. Our shop section serves to equip content creators with the accessories they require to make their ideas come to life professionally. We offer a range of tools from stability, lighting, and audio equipment, among others.

Dear vloggers, filmmakers, podcasters, journalists, continue creating content and vlogging by exploring CDI Gadgets for all you need to develop exemplary video content using your mobile device at the best prices in Kenya. Keep the lighting qualities of your video perfect through amazing lighting accessories and maintain the video sound at its best by buying the affordable sound accessories.

Make films with CDI Gadgets accessories from top brands inside our mobile video making kits available and own complete sets of vlogging equipment as well storage devices, such as flash drives and memory cards to store them.

Love taking pictures? Discover the selfie sticks and tripods with phone mounts in our tripods categories to order short, and full-length tripod stands for yourself, friends, and loved ones, and get the best deal on the equipment needed for mobile photography.

You can purchase all your mobile content creation accessories online and have them delivered to you at a small fee. CDI Gadgets has suitable payment options for everyone where you can pay through Mpesa using your mobile handset. Our company makes online shopping enjoyable with our simple online shop at affordable prices. Stay at the forefront of mobile film making with new products and from top brands at CDI Gadgets and utilize our latest offers to shop at the best price assurance!

Beyond the provision of the tools and equipment for smartphone content creation, knowledge of their use has proven to be an essential area of focus. With the budding interest in the production of vlogs, filmmaking, and mobile journalism amongst other areas rising, a yearning for growth and professionalism in the craft is evident. Beginning and intermediate content creators are searching for practical solutions to everyday challenges. These challenges range from shooting, editing to publishing their content. Our workshops have proven effective in delivering this value to budding smartphone content creators.

CDI Gadgets’ Corporate workshops are geared towards working with individuals and teams to identify the skills gap, fill them, and deliver practical solutions to filming, editing, and publishing smartphone video content.