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We are passionate about telling stories, telling your story. We truly believe that everybody has an interesting story to share with the world. Creating stories makes us happy, shooting a smartphone video of your story makes us excited. Our mission is to help people create professional smartphone videos. We do that by spreading professional knowledge to everybody who is interested in smartphone video making, film making and smartphone photography.


Gideon Riungu
Executive Marketer

In 2016 Gideon Riungu, co-founder of CDI Gadgets had a ‘Eureka’ moment, – “Everybody has a story, and not just a story, everybody has a smartphone,” –  it doesn’t matter whether you are an entrepreneur, a subsistence farmer, a livestock farmer, a fisherman, a teacher, a preacher a trader, an office worker, a manufacturer, an artist or a content creator, – we all have stories, stories that should be shared with the world”

Augustine Masiga
Content Developer

Smartphone video, filmmaking and photography crusader, his craft is smartphone content creation – “Your story has not been seen before, neither has it been heard.  – step out, take out your smartphone shoot, – the fear of the unknown should not hold you back. Whether you are experienced, or just starting out on your smartphone video shooting journey, –  I will be by your side, – sharing knowledge, techniques, and smartphone video and filmmaking expertise”

James Reagan

James Reagan sees an easier better efficient and professional way of shooting smartphone video and making professional smartphone movies, – “Simple gadgets like Tripods, Monopods, Gimbals, Lights and Audio devices will galvanize your smartphone video shooting skills to the professional realm” James lives in the world of smartphone video shooting gadgets, – he has a solution for every smartphone video shooting challenge.