How to Get Started as a Video Content Creator (Vlogger)

Everybody can start creating video content AKA a vlog but not everybody will be a successful video content creator, that we shall refer to as a vlogger. Before diving into how to get started as a video content creator, vlogging, here is a question; What is a vlog?

If you do not, don’t worry, this article will shed light on everything vlogging. If you like watching youtube videos, I know you have favourite channels that you must watch. Have you ever wondered what goes into creating them?

Speaking of YouTube and channels, if you prefer to watch videos instead of reading, then you’re in luck. We recorded this one just for you


1. What is a Vlog?

Lets dive into what Vlogging is or is not. The word vlogging comes from two words, we can romanticize it by putting it this way, –  it’s a marriage of two words; video and blogging. I will assume we all know about blogging, and go ahead to say a vlog is a video blog- the consistent periodical uploading of content for the consumption of your viewers.


2. Having looked at what a vlog is, how do you start a vlog?

Before telling you how to start a vlog, lets first know what it takes to be a vlogger. Since Vlogging is a consistent uploading of shareable video content with a community of viewers,  it’s not for everybody, just like not everybody can blog. So what does it take to get started as a video content creator, to be a Vlogger?

The answer is one word, – Passion. Are you passionate about  a topic, subject, or something interesting you would like to share with the world?  Is your passion so hot you can commit to consistent creation and uploading of video content? If you answered yes to this question you have what it takes to start a vlog.


3. So now, how do you prepare to start vlogging?

Let’s break down the steps towards preparation of starting your video content creation journey

Step 1: Create content from your burning topic. Break down your topic into a series of videos. In as much as it may be easy to just shoot your video, write a script. A simple script will give direction to your video not only to you while shooting but also for the viewers. 

Step 2: Stand in front of the camera, you may feel uncomfortable at first but don’t worry it’s all part of developing your camera presence, view the shots and identify flattering angles. Adopt what works best.

Step 3: Vlogging is about talking through the camera, to your viewers. Stand before the camera and talk. Talk and keep talking, talk until you are comfortable in your own skin talking through a camera to an unseen audience. 

4. Do you know your content to differentiate yourself? 

Let’s move on to research: You know your topic, you have practiced your camera presence, It’s time to research about your subject/topic and gather all the information available.

Watch other Vloggers in your niche, what type of content are they creating? Can you create  different content? Can you add a twist or an angle that is more interesting, more appealing?

Decide how you will package your content, how will you tell your story?

Make your story interesting, follow the story arc – beginning middle and end.

5. What do you need to launch your vlog?

We have come to the most important part of this journey, launching your video aka the actual filming. What equipment and tools do you need to launch your video?

The first and most important is your smartphone. The reason why vlogging has become everybody’s’ past time, is because modern smartphones are capable of shooting awesome videos. Just see our video on pre-production stage where we did just that



So now you have a smartphone, have written a simple script, have identified the location of your shoot, have assembled the necessary props, you’re probably asking, what next?

If you have been watching other vloggers who have made a brand of themselves, you must have noticed that their videos are stable, have clear audio and the light is right, making the video attractive and appealing to watch.

You need to record clear audio, and know the right light to shoot under. I will cover these topics in a separate post. Meanwhile lets move on;

Create a content calendar and shoot a series of Vlogs based on your content calendar, choose an appropriate launching date and just like big brands do,  announce your new vlog to the world, announce it to your friends, to your social circles, to your neighbours, family and everyone you think should watch your Vlog, shout from the rooftops! 

6. Every vloggers question, can vlogging earn you money?

I was asked this question by a new content creator and felt I should share the answer here. The answer is in twofold, Yes and No.  Yes if you are willing to put in the work and are patient. No if all you are looking for an easy get rich quick hustle. 

When you put in the work, attract viewership, and create a community, YouTube takes note and rewards you accordingly and brands will notice as well. I will  write on how to monetize your channel in a separate article. 

As we wind up this overview on the basics of how to get started as a video content creator for your vlog…

…One last question; why do you want to get started as a video content creator? I  recommend doing it for passion and not just for the money.

Let your passion lead the way, YouTube is the best and most profitable platform to upload your content on, if you have the tenacity to weather competition; stick in there, expend your time, expend your energy, spend money, build your brand one brick at a time. You will eventually reap the fruits, they will be sweet fruits, I can assure you!

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