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How to Get Started as a Video Content Creator (Vlogger)

basics on how to get started as a video content creator in kenya 2019

Are you interested in Vlogging and didn’t know where to start? This article will prepare, equip and start you on a successful Vlogging journey in Kenya. You will be introduced to basic skills and approaches successful Vloggers apply to their videos.

Here is how successful content creators shoot smartphone videos that get subscriptions

Are you in full time employment, have a side hustle and would like to know how to start a successful YouTube channel shooting video on your smartphone? In this article I share secrets that successful content creators apply knowingly or unknowingly to succeed…

We teach creative smartphone Video Storytelling Strategies

Welcome to the new CDI blog. On this blog, we will take you on a journey, a creative journey. We will share valuable smartphone video making and film making skills. You will learn how to shoot awesome videos for YouTube, Instagram, Vine, and newsworthy video for media houses on your smartphone.