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How to Get Started as a Video Content Creator (Vlogger)

basics on how to get started as a video content creator in kenya 2019

Are you interested in Vlogging and didn’t know where to start? This article will prepare, equip and start you on a successful Vlogging journey in Kenya. You will be introduced to basic skills and approaches successful Vloggers apply to their videos.

How to craft smartphone video content that attracts viewers

In this article you will learn the art of creating relevant content for your viewers. Smartphone content creation is a skill that all successful videographers apply.

7 Basic Rules of Smartphone Video storytelling

You have a great product, one that is bound to change peoples’ lives, it might be a service, a service to the world, or probably you want to shoot a tutorial; How do you ensure that your video stands out, gets views, communicates your message, engages your audience, and gets those important subscriptions?