Here is how successful content creators shoot smartphone videos that get subscriptions

It was the end of yet another grueling day. Fridah was awfully tired her 9 to 5 was sapping her strength. But she had a little secret, A secret that had kept her going when all else failed.

She looked forward to the video shoot, creating content was her antidote to surviving the ‘rat race’ a term she had come to associate with her career. 

She had started posting on her YouTube channel by accident. As a working mother of two, her frustration was the time she spent at the office rather than with her young son. Shooting video of her baby’s daily activities with her smartphone was like marrying her two worlds.

She had accumulated several hours of baby footage, a friend at the office had suggested Youtube. A little editing and a bit of tweaking later, and her YouTube baby channel for working mothers was born.

In a period of one  year it had attracted two thousand subscribers, and was steadily growing. Most importantly the daily shoots kept her sane. 

Are you in full time employment, have a side hustle and would like to know how to start a successful Youtube channel shooting video on your smartphone?

 In our earlier article skillful video and film making techniques on how to capture exciting smartphone video, we learnt the basics of how to use your smartphone camera to capture professional videos. 

In this article I will share little secrets successful content creators apply knowingly or unknowingly on their Youtube channels.

What would you like to accomplish with your video?

Let’s face it, nobody likes being sold to, unfortunately in this era of digital marketing an average person suffers informational overload.

From the moment  you wake up to when you go to bed you will be bombarded by hundreds of commercial Ads.

What is your video strategy, what will you focus on in your videos? 

Will your smartphone video inform,educate or entertain?

Most videos that go viral are entertaining, as a business it may not be easy to pull off entertaining videos. 

On the other hand an informative video will  provide information about your brand or about a specific item or product to your viewers.

How do you shoot an interesting informative smartphone video that doesn’t appear salesy?

Create a story around your subject, for example if you are shooting a make up smartphone video of yourself, provide the – did you know – kind of information about the products you are using, 

An educational video will  show your viewers how to do something. It may be how to cook using a certain recipe, how to keep your baby safe from nappy rash, how to clean your house etc.

Educational videos may be monotonous, and that is where your personal brand comes in, how do you separate your message from the crowd? Know your audience and craft a message that talks to them.

Offer your customers, consistent useful information, package your educational videos in your personal style and present your smartphone videos  with your personal brand and image.

How will you shoot your smartphone business video?

Most content creators start their content journey on a shoestring budget, they do not have enough money to buy all the professional gadgets that will give their smartphone video a professional look.

Planning your smartphone video shoots in advance, will take out a lot of guesswork and give you polished videos.

Have a simple script and Know which shots to take, take multiple shots of your scene, you do not know which angle will tell your story better.

Who is your audience?

Your video might never be watched by everyone, that’s why you must know your target audience, – the people you want to share your message with.

Identify your ideal audience plan your video shoots with your audience in mind, ask yourself:

Who is your audience? What is their age group? What’s their language? What are their pain points? What solutions are they looking for? 

Craft a story of your message based on your audience, are they young urban single ladies in their early twenties? Shoot a video that speaks their language.  

Professional tips for your smartphone video

Incorporate pro tips of shooting your video, having learnt how to tell your video story, take it a step further, create a storyboard, set up your light and audio equipment, and take some test shots.

Find out what works and what doesn’t, shoot at different angles and get to know where the shadows fall and where there is light reflection.

The background of your video matters, distracting background will take away your viewers focus, keep your backgrounds simple or shoot in front of a pre assembled background.

Maintain a consistent image of your video, dress in simple colours that compliment your personal brand, unless you are shooting a travel smartphone video keep your colours simple.

Each shot should appear relaxed and spontaneous even if you have a written script. Shoot as many shots as possible when the energy level is still high. 

What must you do for your video to stand out?

Have you watched stand up comedians, and how their voice and body language enthralls their viewers? It all comes down to energy, your personal energy.

When shooting a smartphone video speak a little bit more loudly than you would normally, your body language should be more animated.

“Cold” Open

Videos that go straight to action, – the  introduction and title come after the video’s hook, will get watched more easily than starting with a long winding intro.

B Rolls and  Inserts

Shoot additional scenes that will make your story come to life. B Rolls will break your video’s monotony.

Descriptions and Headlines

Engaging videos that don’t rank won’t be found by your audience. Relevant Keywords  in your headings and descriptions ensure that your smartphone video gets seen by the right audience. 

Use google keyword tools to search for popular keywords, words that have at least over ten thousand global searches.

How do you create a brand of your Youtube channel?

We can answer this question in one word, consistency. 

Consistent uploads are not enough, you must be consistent in the quality of smartphone video that you upload.

Develop a style that quickly tells your story, you have less than 15 seconds to capture your viewer’s attention. 

Create your own unique style

Nobody has your voice and style, use your uniqueness to your advantage, speak to your viewer, strike a relaxed pose in front of the camera and exude confidence , show that you know what you are talking about.

Pace your words do not speak too fast or too slow, – when you speak too fast you leave your audience confused, and when you speak too slowly you will bore them.

Research shows that it takes between 15 to 20 seconds to develop a point, unfortunately, in a fast paced world your audience wants to see different things happening every three to five seconds. 

Shoot your video in three to five seconds clips to keep your viewers attention. 

How do you keep your audience glued to your channel?

People watch videos that are appealing to their own personalities, and will have a reason to watch your video if they can quickly identify the benefits they will glean from watching your video.

In this era of continuous distractions and interruptions, you have less than ten seconds to communicate your video’s  benefits.

Your video should be engaging; clear audio, pleasing visual, background music, captions and voice are all elements that can help you tell a better story.

Your create a smartphone video that is  interesting to look at, and that tells your story.

In Closing

It’s not enough to shoot attractive videos, they must be watched and subscribed to, incorporate these strategies and techniques in your smartphone video shoots and you will see your subscriptions goes up.


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