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This second part of how to become a successful Vlogger in Kenya: how to create a compelling personality that drives your brand was inspired by a wonderful video I watched on YouTube. In it, the vlogger had a unique message about kitchen gardening. And as a man who loves gardening , I sure was fascinated to say the least. The video was compelling as well as full of interesting B rolls that helped move the story along.

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 Her narrative however, had a hitch. Beside the fact that the vlogger was clearly passionate about her subject, she spoke too fast. Too fast you couldn’t follow what she was saying clearly. I’m sure other viewers must have had the same problem.

In this article, we shall look at how to speak in your videos to enhance your personality. For most of us, we will be talking in our videos. And as such we need to know how to create a compelling personality that drives your brand. Lastly, we shall look at how to sharpen your vlogging skills to enhance your growth. Roll up your sleeves and lets create a compelling personality that drives your brand!

How to Speak Naturally to Create a Compelling Personality that Drives your Brand

Create a Compelling Personality that Drives your Brand

How you speak conveys your personality.  Whether you are fun, witty, interesting, comical or adventurous will be communicated in large by how you speak. And as a vlogger, you better know that how your audience perceives you creates your brand identity. At this point I would ask, does how you speak create a compelling personality that drives your brand?

It is also important to note that speaking on camera isn’t the same as having a face to face conversation. Most of us, just like me must learn the art of relaxing in front of the camera. You must get comfortable at that red blinking dot and remember to always focus on the lense while you speak. Not to forget, camera tension might arise and cause jitters. Jitters that might tempt you to shout or to raise your voice unpleasantly. To that end, take a break, relax and remember a calm relaxed demeanor will inspire confidence in your viewers. To help weed out the jitters follow three key tips when speaking:

1. Pace your speech

I will start by saying that you are not in a sprint race, so take your time to be clear in your speech. Slow down your speech if you notice you rush through speaking. Start with speaking deliberately slowly and enunciating every word. Help your viewers follow your narrative by speaking clearly without straining to figure what you’re trying to say.

Learn when to pause and when to start your sentences. Pauses and breaks are important to have your viewers follow through your story telling. 

2. Adjust your tone

Tone speaks volumes to your audience, your viewers will relate your brand to the tone of your voice, choose an appropriate tone. You can choose a cool, calm, sarcastic, outlandish, conspiratorial, personal, impersonal or any other tone. You should maintain the same tone in all your videos, this will form part of your brand’s identity. Just like your favorite YouTubers, you identify them by whether they are fun, sarcastic, adventurous, hip or trendy. And what happens when they upload a video that is not “normal”? Their comments sections floods with “Is everything ok?” That is the power of of what a creating a compelling personality that drives your brand.

3. Speak audibly

Remember earlier on when we said you should not shout? Well, that does not mean that you should not be audible! Shouting is creating noise and becoming a nuisance to your audience. While speaking audibly is bringing clarity and ensuring you are well heard without having to borrow the neighbours speakers so as to hear what you are saying.. When you speak clearly and audibly your viewers will have an easy time following your narrative, it will also portray your professionalism. And it will be more engaging than poor audio videos. 

How to Develop a compelling Video Personality that drives your brand

create a compelling personality that drives your brand

At the risk of sounding repetitive, I would like to belabor this point. Develop a personal style that will drive your brand. Consistency and simplicity coupled with a chosen color scheme will keep your viewers glued to your channel. 

Your viewers will attach an expectation to your brand. Think about the image you want to create.  Will it be an easy, relaxed, and outgoing brand, or a serious professional. You may choose to be a yappy talker or a calm cool and collected dude or Chic. It doesn’t matter the brand you choose to be, just be consistent with what you choose.

Your brand will determine your dress code, colours should be consistent with your brand. Your chosen topic will also help you to choose an appropriate wardrobe. Additionally, that wardrobe you select should identify with your audience.

When you combine how you speak in your videos and how you present yourself generally, you create a compelling personality that drives your brand to levels your bank account will thank you for.

1. Cultivate a personal style

The first five seconds of watching will determine whether somebody will stay or click on the next video. Creating a unique personal style that instantly hooks the viewer will get your vlog watched.  Decide which angle works best for you, it may be, front, sideways or full face. Choose what appeals to your audience.

2. Connect with a community

Aim at creating a community. A loyal community is made up of fans who are committed to watching  and sharing your video not just followers. 

A community is attracted to authenticity, when you are authentic you come across as being trustworthy, authentic people speak directly to the camera are honest about their strengths and weaknesses, in a nutshell, be yourself, do not try to be somebody you are not.

Lastly, Learn and Learn Some More to Sharpen Your Skills

Create a Compelling Personality that Drives your Brand

It has been said that we are ignorant of what we do not know. And even far more ignorant of what we don’t even know that we don’t know. Since you are reading this article, let me assume that you are interested in vlogging. That you would like to succeed and are willing to put in the work that it takes. To that end, here are a few more tips about what to do to keep learning:

1. Watch vloggers you admire

Watch other vloggers in your niche. Identify what is it you admire about them? Ask yourself, what can you do differently? What new twist can you add and come up with your own unique style? 

Do not watch other Vloggers so that you can copy them, Watch to learn, to improve your Vlogging.

2. Read articles on vlogging

This is a no brainer, since you are reading this article, I must assume that you are interested in searching for relevant information online. On our Blog section you will read well researched topic focused articles geared to boosting your skillset. Read and glean as much information as possible. Visit other sites on vlogging to  keep learning, do not stop.

3. Attend workshops

Workshops and seminars, but especially workshops will take your vlogging to the next level. Plan to attend as many workshops as possible. They will give you a chance to interact with successful  vloggers where you can ask personal questions that may switch on a new light bulb in your neurons. 

Look out for CDI Gadgets workshops and plan to attend.  It will cost you a few shillings and three to five hours of your time, but they will change your vlogging forever. 

Now that you have an idea of where  to start on your journey as a successful vlogger in Kenya, what are you waiting for, go out there and shoot, vlogging is all about practice, practice and practice some more, keep practicing.

Record Vlogs even if you don’t upload them, learn what works and what doesn’t work. Polish and go back to shoot some more. Do what successful Vloggers do, and I will see you at the top.

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