Smartphone Video Shooting Gadgets and Accessories Trinity of Content Creation What gadgets/accessories do I need to start creating/shooting content with my smartphone? Answer: It depends on your unique needs. The basics are in an acronym we call S.A.L S- Stability A- Audio L- Lighting Stability- Tripods. These can be Full-Length Tripods or Mini-Tripods Audio- Microphones. These can be Lapels or Shotguns Lighting- these can be ringlights or LED lights Tripods for  Smartphone Stability There are many tripods in the market, which one is the right one for me? Answer: It depends. It depends on what content you are creating. For example: There are two main types of tripods: Full-Length/Extendable Tripods and; Mini-Tripods Full-Length/Extendable Tripods are best for stationary recordings. Say you are doing a vlog that you mainly speak. Or hold an interview. Basically you are not moving a lot. Mini-Tripods are ideal if you move a lot. Say you are doing a cooking vlog. Or if there are things you are showing your audience. Both types of tripods are portable and you can move with them, but mini-tripods are more agile and give you stability while on the move. Audio- Microphones for Smartphones I have seen many a number of microphones I could use, which one is best for me and my business? Answer: It depends. By now you see your circumstance really matters a lot. Generally, there are two types of microphones: Lapel microphones and; Shotguns Lapel microphones are best for indoor and or controlled recording. If you are doing an interview or you are speaking in the video and want clear sound, Lapels are your best shot. Lapels also have two main categories: Single-head Lapel. Best for solo recordings- one-person recording while; Dual-head Lapels are best for interviews, where you have a guest on your channel or recording Shotgun microphones are best for outdoor recording. You have seen those mics on-top of cameras? Yes, similar to those. They help focus the voice or audio of what/who you are recording in a busy environment. That’s why they come with the fluffy feathery part. Lights for Smartphones What lighting should I use? Answer: It depends on the content you are shooting/creating. In a nutshell, lights are used when the natural light of the place you will be recording in is not adequate. For example, normal lighting in most houses is not suitable for recording videos. If you do, you will notice the video is flickering, especially with fluorescent lights. There are two main types: Mini-LED Lights Ringlights & Studio Size Lights Mini-LED Lights are more mobile and flexible. They allow you to move about with ease while recording. Say you are doing a vlog where you are moving about and want to maintain good lighting. Ringlights & Studio sized lights are best for shooting content where the process is influenced by the quality of the video. For example, make-up artists, cooking vlogs, DJ’s and doing interviews without much movement. They are not as flexible in movement as the Mini-LED lights are