Smartphone video production: Equipment & Apps

Shooting video on your Smartphone is exciting but isn’t easy. Have you ever watched a captivating  video of an awesome or a scary event,a once in a lifetime shoot.

It may have been  a video of a collapsing house, a road accident as it happened, a house engulfed in flames. The scene may be captivating, but if the video is amateurish you will always notice with camera shake. Shaking video, and poor quality footage are the bane of DIY video shots.

You don’t have to be another victim of amateur videography. Let me share with you Apps and Equipment that will help you shoot professional smartphone video.

The first and most important technique in smartphone video shooting is too stabilize your phone, this can be done in two ways:

  1. The basic way of stabilizing your phone is having your thumb and forefinger on either side of your smartphone, pulling your elbows into your body and trying to keep your hands as steady as possible.
  2. The second and better way of stabilizing your smartphone during video shoots is to Purchase mechanical grips, gimbals, and/or Tripods.



You can attach mechanical grips to your phone, this will add some weight to the phone and will give you a firm grip while shooting your video.


Gimbals are hand held devices that hold your phone, they attach to the phone help stabilize your shoots and point the camera towards the action.

They also give you the ability to hold your phone with one hand during shoots. They pivot on a single axis allowing rotation, you can pan your smartphone video shoot effortlessly.

Mechanical gimbals  rotate manually on a single axis; on the other hand  motorized gimbals are powered by three brush less motors, they can rotate your smartphone while keeping it level on all axis this helps capture different perspectives of the shoot.


Tripods are basic stabilizers in shooting video or in film-making

Smartphone tripods are a new invention to help stabilize your smartphone video shoot and photography, they are light, have flexible legs and are capable of bending around objects.

Smartphone tripods come in different types. Each type of tripod works well in different conditions.


With the right stabilization, you will shoot awesome videos, how about audio. To record clear crisp audio when shooting your video will need to use external audio capturing devices.

Smartphone external audio Mics fall in the following two broad categories;

  • Shotgun Mics
  • Lavalier Mics

Choosing the right Mic for your smartphone video shoots will depend on your budget, location, and quality of sound you wish to capture on your videos.


The image sensors and processor of your inbuilt lens will produce low quality video, your phones’ thinness unfortunately limits magnification, has no wider angles, and does not have macro capabilities.

Clip on Lenses and fisheye lenses will in addition to giving your smartphone video shooting experience macro capabilities, give you telephoto capabilities of upto 22x optical zoom.

Both Android and iPhone smartphone cameras have specific clip on lenses. You can also buy  universal lenses, this can be clamped over your smartphone’s lenses to increase magnification and bring back the zoom..


The  right light will guarantee amazing results in your smartphone video. Natural light unfortunately may not be where you want it to be during your video shoot.

LED Lights, Panel Lights, Spot Lights, Soft Lights, hoods and umbrellas will help place the light where you want it when shooting your video.


There several smartphone video shooting and editing Apps that will add that professional touch to your videos. Some can be downloaded for free, while others should be purchased or subscribed.

  • FiLMiC Pro

FiLMiC Pro will give you full control over focus, exposure, white balance variable speed zoom. Because of its device dependant customizable frame rates, FilMco Pro will give your videos a full cinematic effect.

  • Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe Premiere Clip is a video editing App that will help you capture, edit and export your video footage.

You can capture video directly on the App, import video and audio to the App. You can also assemble and refine your video’s sequence, add titles, add transitions, mix audio and add special effects. Adobe Premiere Clip helps produce exciting professional videos.

  • KineMaster

KineMaster is  a video editor for Android smartphones, it has easy to use tools. You can create multiple video layers, blend videos , use voice overs, control speed, add  transitions, subtitles, and special effects.

Kinemaster will help you create edit and share amazing videos.

  • Camera Zoom FX

This is a third party smartphone camera application for both iOS and Android phones. It supports raw capture,  has full DSLR controls, timer, time-lapse and HDR functions.

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