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Storytelling is an ancient art form for communication, it has been used to pass valuable information and skills to successive generations throughout mankind’s history.

Storytelling remains relevant today as it was eons of years ago. Sharing your stories has never been easier, YouTube, Instagram, Vine and many other social media platforms make it easy to create upload and share video content.

According to Forbes, 300 hours of new content is uploaded on YouTube every minute, that is 7200 hours of new content everyday, or 216,000 hours of content every month; content that is watched by 1.5 billion people across the globe.

How do you create content that will stand out, attract views, communicate your message and share your story?

Your smartphone video –  be it business, social, information or education – should stand out from YouTube’s plethora of videos. Learn and apply these basic smartphone video skills to stand out:.

In this first 5 part series of our introductory articles we will learn:

  1. 7 (Seven) basic rules of Smartphone Video storytelling
  2. How to craft a compelling smartphone video story
  3. How to shoot captivating business smartphone video
  4. 5 (Five) Smartphone video strategies that rank on YouTube
  5. How to shoot amazing Instagram smartphone videos.

Before launching in the deep end of smartphone video making strategies and skills;

Here are four takeaways for those of you who won’t stick around long enough to perfect their smartphone video making skills.

What is smartphone video storytelling?

Do you know of any African folklore, “Kaka Sungura” kind of stories? Have you ever wondered what makes African stories entertaining?

All African folklore stories have a common thread, besides being extremely entertaining.

  • They are full of suspense,
  • Are fast paced,
  • Have an unexpected twist,
  • With an explosive end.

The hero in an African story must overcome insurmountable odds, to save hapless victim(s).

Smartphone video storytelling is shooting compelling video, video that engages and entertains your audience.

Engaging YouTube videos tell stories. How do you adapt African folklore storytelling techniques to your smartphone videos?

  • Don’t tell people,  show them an amazing story.
  • Let them discover how good your product or service is on their own as they watch your story.
  • Map and pace your story, whether you are educating, entertaining or inspiring people.
  • Take your audience on a hero’s journey.

Who is the Hero in your story?

Who is your smartphone’s video hero? Point to remember – it’s not you…!

The hero in your smartphone video is your ideal client –  the person you are trying to influence with your video.

Write their story, get into their thoughts, mind, and feelings;

  • What’s their pain?
  • How do they see, feel and think about their pain?
  • Will your video inspire them to act?
  • Does your product or service become the protagonist – the saviour?
  1. Help your ideal client(Hero)  to write a better story of their future.
  2. Help them to believe in the possibility of a bright pain free future,

Let them see their lives drastically transformed, – your video story should be the vehicle of transformation.

How do you craft your smartphone video story?

An engaging African folklore story follows an archetype:

  1. It introduces a character or characters;“Kaka Sungura,”“Mzee Kobe,”.
  2. The main character  must face a scheming vicious and ruthless antagonist – ”Fisi” “Mbweha” “Jitu” etc.
  3. The main character must defeat the antagonist.

The story always ends with the main character (Hero) alleviating the pain of victim(s).

  • Are you a Vlogger shooting high octave video on your smartphone?
  • Or are you shooting video to sell a product or market a service?
  • Do you want to engage your audience continuously?

Follow the classic Three-act play;

  • One: introduce your character(s) when shooting your smartphone video,
  • Two,-  introduce the conflict in your video (the obstacles), – your hero’s pain.
  • Three – provide the solution.(your message).

Quick Tip:

When editing your smartphone video, – start with the most dramatic, most curious or funniest moment  of your footage.

Grab your viewer’s attention, pay attention to show your most visually interesting “aha”,or “wow” moment.

How do you deliver consistent compelling smartphone video?

People always want to know where they are going;

  • What are the expected results of watching your smartphone video?

Tell your audience what they should expect from watching your video.

Your audience wants to know what they will get out of watching your smartphone video:

  • Always give your viewers a reason to keep watching your video,
  • Give them a reason to come back for more,
  • Hook your viewers. Alleviate their pain, give them value.

Here is an example, – You are shooting a business video:-

  • Craft your message,
  • Break down your message in a series of videos,
  • Shoot each video as an increment to the earlier video,
  • Let your viewers know what to expect next,
  • Give them a reason to come back for more.- introduce suspense.

Wrapping it up

These introductory smartphone video making skills are for those of you who won’t stick around long enough to go on this creative journey with me.

For everybody else, committed to completing this exciting journey- Karibu:

I will promise one thing, This journey will transform your life, this journey will equip you, this journey will set you apart.

And Here are the Rules:

Your rules:

You will learn, you will apply, you will shoot smartphone videos, you will tell your story.

My rules:

I will share golden nuggets, I will dispense valuable knowledge, I will stir up your creative juices, I will equip and sharpen your smartphone video and film making techniques.

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